The Roots of Health Network

Increasingly, doctors and other health professionals in the United States are managing diseases that result from society's' failure to meet people's basic needs. Doctors can treat the physical symptoms of these diseases but are unable to address their root causes.

Along with Human Impact Partners, The Civic Engine is launching the Roots of Health Network. We envision the Network as one way for health professionals to contribute their knowledge and experience to public policy debates critical to optimal health. The outcomes of these policy struggles determine, for example, whether work will meet the needs for self-sufficiency and whether children have meaninful opportunities for education and advancement. By organizing a collective voice, health professionals could have a powerful impact on these public policies.

The Roots of Health Network aims to connect health professionals to community policy change campaigns aimed at addressing unmet needs for economic security, educational opportunity, and physical safety. The network will provide its members the tools, resources, and platform to be effective advocates. By joining the network, health professionals can contribute their experience and passion to a social movement for the needs of health.

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Roots of Health Campaigns

Raise the Wage Los Angeles

Roots of Health is supporting Raise the Wage Los Angeles a local legislative campaign to achieve self-sufficiency wages and paid sick leave for all Los Angeles workers. Read our Statement in Support Of Fair and Decent Work Rules shared with the Los Angeles City Council

Ending Wage Theft

Root of health is supporting California Senate Bill 588 (SB 588 De Leon) which will strengthen the Labor Commissioner’s ability to recover unpaid wages. The US Department of Labor estimates that over 300,000 minimum wage violations occur in California each week. Barely 17% of the workers impacted recover any back wages. SB 588 would strengthen the Labor Commissioners ability to collect unpaid wages for workers when a violation is confirmed.