Dr. Rajiv Bhatia, MD MPH

Rajiv Bhatia

Dr. Rajiv Bhatia is a physician and internationally recognized health systems innovator. From 1998 through 2013, he led San Francisco's pioneering work on health impact assessment (HIA), community health indicators, and open civic data — all strategies to generate actionable civic intelligence on the health externalities of social and economic systems beyond healthcare. He is the founding Principal at The Civic Engine through which he engages with forward-thinking civil society organization, businesses, and governments to design and test innovations to address the community and economic roots of health.

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Megan Calpin, MCP MPH
Research Associate

Megan Calpin

Megan Calpin is a Research Associate at The Civic Engine, where she is working on the Healthy Infill Design Protocols in partnership with the PEW Health Impact Project. She has focused her work and research on participatory community development, increasing youth engagement in city planning, and urban health equity. Previously, she worked as a special education teacher. Megan graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a degree in Political Science and received concurrent master's degrees in public health and city planning from UC Berkeley.

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Christina Beros
Research Assistant

Christina Beros

Christina Beros is a junior at New York University studying public health, history, and economics. Through her interest in politics, microfinance, and healthcare, she cultivated a curiosity about the link between health status and economic status, leading her to her research with the Civic Engine. Prior to working with the Civic Engine, Christina was working for the Bubble Foundation in New York, where she singlehandedly developed an educational workshop on the nutrition of sugar to be taught in New York City public schools. She is passionate about public health, and hopes to work in the field of health policy after she graduates.

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